Verneva C20 – Electric Propulsion

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Introducing the Verneva C20 Electric Propulsion Engine.

The Verneva Current (C) Models are pure electric propulsion engines, built for the everyday boating experience for the many people and the everyday need.

All of our electric propulsion outboards in the Current (C) series, are designed and engineered for the highest energy efficiency, maximum safety and are also virtually Maintenance Free.

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Introducing the Verneva C20 (20hp equivalent) pure electric propulsion outboard.

Verneva C20 is a sporty electric outboard engine made for aluminum boats, medum/large dingies and other smaller fishing boats. The motor is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater.

Being both brushless and gearless you can learn to operate it within minutes. Add to both high efficiency and low maintenance, this will make your marine experience both more enjoyable as well as sustainable,

It also features:

  • 3-speed selectable modes: Sports / Cruise / Eco power saving, suitable for all different use scenarios
  • Operated by Tiller or Remote Control compatible interface, users can freely choose/switch control modes
  • High-power high-efficiency brushless DC drive motor (3KW-10KW) provides strong continuous thrust
  • Gearless design, with no speed reduction mechanism, making the design more concise, quiet, durable, and energy-saving
  • Internal liquid cooling system similar to car, which improves the life of the pump and is maintenance-free.
  • Tilting can be done manually or electrically
  • Adjustable in height. Long/short shaft All-in-One, users can adjust the installation depth and angle at any time to optimize the propulsion efficiency
  • Propeller speeds are comparable to conventional gasoline/diesel outboards.
  • Open support for any 48VDC battery systems, users are free to choose a local battery suppliers, but we provide certified and proven options – see suggested option VE-4850

NOTICE! The delivery includes:

  • Verneva C20 electric propulsion engine
  • Choice of either Tiller (3 speeds) or Joystick set (3 speeds)


If you choose the Joystick set you also need to have a boat that is prepared for the installation of a control panel (steering wheel and instrument). We at Verneva recommend contacting the local marina to help with this installation or talk to us by emailing

Additional information

Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 73 × 35 × 93 cm
Rated Voltage (VDC)


Input Power (KW/A)

10,5 / 220

Comparable Petrol Engine

20 HP

Maximum propeller speed (rpm)


Static Thrust Force (Ib)


Propeller size (cm)

23,5 x 17,8

Steering control

Remote throttle, Tiller